About Mediation

Mediation is a better way to resolve disputes than using the legal process. Before hiring a lawyer for filing a case, consider mediation as a dispute resolution option.

Mediation is a process by which two or more parties use a trained, skilled neutral party (mediator) to help them agree on a solution to their problem. The mediator doesn’t decide for the parties. He/she assists the parties in discussing the issues and arriving at a resolution the disputants agree upon.

What kind of cases are ideal for mediation?

Almost any dispute can be successfully mediated. In our practice we frequently see cases involving:

  • Divorce/custody/parenting time/support issues/possession or disposition of family residence/compliance with court orders or prior agreements
  • Business disputes between employer and employee, between employees, dissolution and buy-outs or disputes between businesses
  • “Small claims” (monetary claims under $10,000)
  • Disputes between interest groups (good example in Central Oregon involve the multiple use activities on our public lands-dogs on trails, snowmobilers/skiers, hikers/horses/bikes, etc.
  • Disputes between neighbors, family members
  • Disputes involving leases
  • Issues involving the elderly-relating to their care, placement, financial responsibility
  • Property damage/personal injury
  • Wide range of other issues