Why Mediate?

Mediation vs. Litigation

Mediation is a better way to resolve disputes than using the legal process. Before hiring a lawyer for filing a case, consider mediation as a dispute resolution option.

Why mediate a dispute rather than turn to the court system?

Affordable Expensive
Quick Lengthy: usually months or years
Private Public
Greater degree of control outcome always predictable Judge decides, outcome not always predictable
Mutually satisfactory outcomes everyone satisfied, collaborative One winner, one loser, adversarial
Creative, workable solution One size fits all solutions
Working relationships are repaired, preserved, strengthened or ended more amicably Losing party often bitter, angry, relationships destroyed
Comprehensive and customized agreements Judge orders only what is asked for in initial legal filings
High rate of compliance Party ordered to perform less likely to comply than party that agrees to perform, no one likes to act against his/her will
Convenient Parties must be where the court orders, when the court orders.


Most non-complex mediated solutions are reached within two hours, including the time it takes the mediator to write an agreement for the parties’ signatures. Cascades Mediation charges $250 per hour for the initial two hour session.


  • Provides gender balance;
  • Broadens the base of expertise and insights;
  • Provides “back up” for the other mediator in lengthy or complex sessions;
  • Offers differing mediation styles to accommodate the needs of the participants.

We believe that all people, regardless of ability to pay, should have access to mediation. We offer sliding scale rates based on ability to pay for those who cannot otherwise afford our services.